Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thoughts are just words

I am alone with only my thoughts as comfort. I find it odd that I am comforted by my thoughts. They aren't complex. They aren't weak. I am alone. There isn't some heart filled thought crossing my mind. Just words. Simple. Plain. Nothing really worth writing about, but yet I feel compelled. My life hasn't been a roller coaster ride, but it hasn't been easy either. We all have our ups and downs. Our lefts and our rights. Words aren't just words, words hurt. I know hurting is a part of life, but I don't like people to know, really...does anyone? I don't see the point in documenting my life in this pointless journal anyway, but somehow I feel like I must. I feel life is far too short...shouldn't I be out partying, fuckin it up with the rest? No. I'm alone. He's working. She's sleeping. Not much to my life, so it seems. I do the same routine every day, not making much of a difference in anyones life. I find companionship in people who could care less. I try to open my arms out and they get forced back down. Some say I'm a bitch...and well I really am. I don't give a shit about you unless you can prove to me you are worth my time. I have far too many acquaintances that love to call themselves my friend. I'm a loner, I'm undependable, I'm shy, I'm loud. I'm everything you hate. Yea I'm the person people LOVE to HATE. I am alone.

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