Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Today has been a wonderful, yet very tiresome day!

This morning my mom called and told me to meet her at Cracker Barrel so low and behold I packed the child and hubby and we headed down the street to CB. We chatted and ate (my older brother was the waiter!) and made plans for the rest of the day! In anycase afterwards hubby had to leave to go to work so Kylie Jade, myself and my mother went to Walmart to look at the black friday deals =) I found some REALLY great deals, and overall the shopping experience wasn't half bad. I got a some things for John and a few things for Kylie Jade! I was excited. I got some stocking stuffers as well yay! Kylie Jade lost a shoe during the day so we had to go buy her a new pair at the mall. After that it was off to home to let Kylie Jade take a nap. After nap we ate then went to Emberly and David's so I could take Emberly and Lynsey shopping. We went to McKay and Target! I got a few more things at Target. But I am done Christmas Shopping aside from what John is buying for me and the Primrose teachers! But otherwise I am onto wrapping the gifts. Oh geeze!

I do want to end the days thanking God for at least ONE thing that happened. So I will say Thank you God for helping to keep me calm when I lost my cell phone. By staying calm I was able to think straight and find my phone! ;)


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