Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Coolidge Park

John and I had a wonderful Memorial Day as we took our daughter to Coolidge park for the first time. She played in the fountain and rode on the carousel, we went to the mall, and to the park. We just had a good, much needed family day. Although she threw up about 6 times last night. I held and comforted my daughter even through sleepy eyes. Because of Kayleigh Freeman I will no longer complain when my daughter cries at night waking my peaceful sleep, I will no longer find her a burden when I just need to get things done. Because of Kayleigh Freeman I will play with her longer, run my hands through her hair, take in her smell, comfort her in her time of need.

Kylie Jade loved the fountains she just had the best time ever! She loved splashing and had the best time with her daddy. This mom thing is just wonderful! Her smile, and laughs just let me taste a little dose of heaven! I'm so thankful God let me have Kylie Jade and has given me almost one year with my beautiful, sweet daughter. Thank you God.

Enjoy the pictures.

God Bless,


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