Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fireworks and a Melting Heart

It was a long, but wonderful day for me. I usually try to be hard, and not let days like this get the best of me, but today I did. The cookout was excellent. The children ran around having a good time, and I sat basking in the sun watching the children run around with happy faces. I took a zillion pictures, and ate tons of food. Afterwards it was time for Coolidge to watch the fireworks. It was wonderful! The lights were so pretty :) We got there several hours early, but I passed the time by shooting pics and watching everyone from afar. It's nice to just be on the outside looking in sometimes. As the fireworks neared Nickolas, Wesley, Brandon and Lyric needed to use the restroom, so I, John and Kylie Jade came to the rescue! We walked from the middle of the bridge to Stonecup where all the kids used the restroom. It was quite a walk. People were assuming John and I had five kids! So that was funny looking at all those faces in total shock! Hahaha. As we arrived back everyone gathered around to watch the fireworks. I got to hold Wesley as the fireworks started. Kylie Jade loved the fireworks, she was pointing as they flashed in the night sky. She was in amazement, and watching her face was just so amazing! As Wesley and I were gazing at those dazzling lights he looked right at me, with those big brown puppy dog eyes, and said "Maria I wouldn't want to watch these fireworks with anyone, but you!" Oh how my heart melted. There we were, Wesley and I, standing there watching these lights, and he made me heart melt. We talked a lot, just that Wesley and I. The lights glittered the sky, and I held my 4 almost 5 year old nephew, and just felt at peace. It seemed as if all the problems in the world just stopped for that speck of time, but it was all I needed to regain somelife perspective. Life is far too short to waste being mad, angry, and to hold grudges. We only get one shot at life, and I'd love to be able to share my love and compassion with those around me. Wesley gave me a gift tonight. And I will never ever forget it.Thanks Wes for being my firework buddy ;)